The 10 best email apps for iPhone in 2022


Numerous a tech blog caption and bold entrepreneur have blazoned that( insert app name then) will kill dispatch. But like a wicked witch trying to kill a puck tale queen, these new apps all fall suddenly, and dispatch continues to dominate. 

 You may be happy with a web app like Gmail when you are at your computer, but when you are emailing from your iPhone, you will want a devoted iPhone dispatch app for the job. I spent several days testing the most popular iOS dispatch apps, and then are my picks for the 10 stylish. 

The 10 best email apps for iPhone
What makes a great iPhone email app?
How we estimate and test apps 

  • Mail by Apple for a no-frills email app

  • Outlook for a balance between simplicity and features

  • Gmail for integration with other Google apps

  • Triage for quick and easy inbox maintenance

  • Yahoo Mail for email management and quick finds

  • Unibox for humanizing your inbox

  • Chuck for extensive inbox maintenance

  • Edison Mail for frequent travelers and shoppers

  • Twobird for note-taking and scheduling from an email app

  • ProtonMail for privacy and security

 All of our stylish apps roundups are written by humans who've spent important of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours probing and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and assessing it against the criteria we set for the order. We are noway paid for placement in our papers from any app or for links to any point — we value the trust compendiums put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the orders and apps we review. For further details on our process, read the full rundown of how we elect apps to point on the Zapier blog. 
For starters, with one or two exceptions, I only considered apps that supported all the major dispatch providers, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud Mail, and IMAP accounts. 
 I also concentrated on standalone dispatch apps for iPhone, rather than apps that are really just add- ons for a web or desktop app. I wanted to showcase dispatch apps that could be the only way you penetrated your dispatch if you wanted. An Apple Watch companion app, still, was a perk. 
Since we are fastening on the iPhone, which you are likely using for particular use rather than violent work, I rejected any primarily platoon- concentrated or cooperative dispatch apps, like Front. While these are useful for associations, they are needlessly complicated for day- to- day emailing. They also tend to charge a yearly figure, and while there are paid apps on this list, we generally avoided apps that needed precious subscriptions. 
 Maintaining a clean inbox free of spam and clutter is top of mind for numerous, so I looked for apps that included some degree of spam pollutants, remittal suggestions, and security options. Along those lines, I looked for apps that had the most effective and creative styles of dispatch association. 
On this list are also some great options for anyone looking for further productivity features in a particular dispatch app, including note- taking, snooze options, and erected- in timetables. 
 Indeed with all these criteria, there are a huge number of options to consider. So I dug in deep, put them to the test, and determined which bones
 were further than just selling hype. As I went through each of the apps, my testing process involved 

  1. Exploring all available features when composing and sending emails, like send delays, scheduling, and file attachments.
  2. Assessing how well emails were received on other platforms.
  3. Gauging how mobile-friendly and effective the app's UX design was.
  4. Toying with customization options, like color themes and swipe actions.
  5. Creating folders and changing filters to get a feel for organizational efficiency.
  6. Tracking compatibility with major email service providers.

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